Tariq K. Shabazz is married to an amazing woman named Gabri’el Shabazz . He was born and raised in the inner city of Cleveland, Ohio. As an adolescent he has witnessed an immense number of atrocities that range from the sale of illicit drugs, economic instability, lack of financial literacy and violent crime. As a young man, he recognized that the living conditions that he had normalized were not conducive to securing a positive future for the youth within the city as well as the nation.

Mr. Shabazz always believed in embarking on a journey of Public Service. He was motivated to become the change that he sought within the community and of the Nation. He recognized that for him to lead people, he had to learn how to follow first.


Military Service

Tariq K. Shabazz enlisted into the United States Navy in 2014 under the job title Aviation Electronics Technician. He graduated as an Honor Student, and #1 within his apprenticeship class which was comprised in total of 30 Marines and Sailors.  His specialized work was in the repair of High-Power Radar Systems. Mr. Shabazz  went on to a successful career within the Armed Forces attaining the title of Second-Class Petty Officer. During his tenure he supervised the repair and upkeep of multi-million-dollar assets to guarantee mission readiness of the flight-line.

Awards and Honors

2 Navy Marine Corps Achievement Medals,

1 Sailor of the Year,

2 Sailor of the Quarter,

1 Flag Letter of Commendation





Mr. Shabazz earned a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science with a concentration in International Relations from American Military University.

Mr. Shabazz earned his Master’s Degree in Public Policy with a concentration in National Security at American Public University System.