Tariq K. Shabazz as Congressman

Mr. Shabazz is dedicated to bringing true progress to the nation via innovative policies founded on improving society.

  • Some of the issues on his legislative agenda are promoting financial literacy throughout schools; Dedicate the federal government to treat trauma throughout the inner-cities, establishing a healthcare system that values health over dollar, substantially improve services to Veterans that have served this nation, and improve the conditions for our Military members ranging from housing issues to addressing mental health concerns.  

  • Tariq K. Shabazz is committed to addressing racial justice through equity programs which addresses years of economic instability due to redlining and lack of community economic development. 

  • Tariq K. Shabazz will be the candidate in Ohio’s District 11 that works to bolster America’s Cyber-security infrastructure. Within the digital age, there are more agencies incorporating digital applications within their daily operations. This may lead to improving the convenience within our nation’s critical agencies, but they make us more susceptible to sophisticated cyber-attacks. It is imperative that the Federal government increases its presence in safeguarding the country by expanding current programs working with states to develop robust cyber-security systems, assist small businesses in protecting their companies and their customers. The collection and storage of Privately Identifiable Information bares great responsibility.

 Mr. Shabazz will be the fighter in Congress and your voices will be heard throughout Capitol Hill.